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Here you’ll find all the latest news from Midland Elementary School—everything from important notifications to fun articles and upcoming event details. We will update you with announcements and news stories here, so bookmark this page and check back often!

Makerspace Towers Above

Fourth grade students show off the height and stability of a tower they recently constructed using Keva Planks in the school Makerspace. These engineers created a tower that was taller than anyone in the class and tested out its stability by dropping ping-pong balls through its center. Students and teachers were inspired by the work crew. Students documented the work using the iPads from the iMovie station of the Makerspace.

Students building towers
Students and Parents Work Together

Students and parents working togetherMrs. Gomez's class, invited parents to participate in a hands-on learning experience with their child. Students worked on their growth mindset and creative thinking skills. Students were asked to construct a structure for their Flora the pig model which incorporated math, science, creativity, and planning skills. Students and parents enjoyed working together on this project.

Macy's Parade Sneak Peek

Fourth graders at Midland School were thrilled to get a behind the scenes tour at the Macy’s Float Warehouse. Students learned about the design and work that go into bringing new and exciting floats and balloons to this iconic parade. Students will be sure to tune into the parade and show off their knowledge gained on this exciting class trip.

Students standing in front of a Lego float
Turkey Pardoned Just in Time

Students holding pardon papersFourth-grade enrichment students at Midland School were able to complete a “Breakout EDU” challenge and save a turkey in danger by solving a series of complex puzzles. As they solved puzzles using clues, they were able to open locks that were preventing the turkey from reaching his pardon papers. The breakout box activity was the first-time students at Midland got to try this new and exciting addition that will be available as part of the school Makerspace. All involved were extremely enthusiastic about this new addition to the Makerspace and they commented on how it inspired them to work together and never give up.

Kindergartners Prepare for Thanksgiving Feast

Students preparing costumesKindergarten students have been working hard to create the costumes they will wear to the annual Thanksgiving feast at their school. Students learn about the lives of Wampanoag children and the lives of children of the early settlers in preparation for celebrating their big event in the school gym.

Fluent Readers

Teachers, parents, and students in a classroomFirst graders at Midland School are benefiting from a Book of the Month Grant awarded to their teachers by the Paramus Education Foundation. Teachers Denise Tripaldi, Katie Rodgers, Jennifer Jennings, and Robert Marion are working with the students by presenting strategies each month along with new and exciting literature. This month’s strategy was about reading fluency and practicing your reading in an effort to make the bumpy smooth. Parents were invited to watch students perform readers' theater skits designed to help students increase their reading fluency.

Midland Honors Veterans

Midland School students and teachers gathered outside at the school’s flagpole on Veterans Day for the school’s annual tribute to veterans. A group of 4th graders ceremoniously raised the flag so that the entire school community could recite the Pledge of Allegiance and sing the Star-Spangled Banner in honor of veterans. Each year, neighbors of the school are impressed to see and hear the Midland students as they continue this annual school tradition.

Students and a teacher standing in front of flag pole
4th Grader Meets WWII Veteran

Student visiting veteranMidland fourth grader, Milo, learned that Mr. Diederich, a war hero living right in his hometown of Paramus, was celebrating his 102nd birthday. Milo made his own birthday card and along with his mother, delivered it in person. Milo and his mom were fortunate enough to meet Mr. Diederich, wish him a happy 102nd birthday, and thank him for his service to our country. Milo enjoyed his experience and will look back on it every year on Veterans Day.

Midland Marathoners

Two marathon participantsThe students at Midland School were very excited to track two of their teachers as they completed the New York City Marathon this November. Students were able to download an app and see their teachers as they progressed through the 26.2-mile course of the marathon. Mr. Marion and Mrs. Jennings were encouraged to keep on running, knowing that their students were cheering them on the entire way. The value of persistence and hard work surely paid off as these two teachers stuck with their training schedule and completed the race.

Author Visit

Thanks to the generosity of the Midland School PTA, students at Midland were treated to a visit from well-known author, Phil Bildner. Mr. Bildner was an energetic and inspiring guest who encourages students to step out of their normal comfort zone and become extreme readers. Students were extremely excited to meet the author after reading several of his fantastic books and learning the secret handshake from his Rip and Red series of books. A small group of Midland 3rd and 4th graders was lucky enough to have lunch with the author and find out more about this fascinating man. Check out the interview with Mr. Marion to learn more about what goes into an author's visit and some photos from the event!

view more photos of Phil Bildner's visit
Caught Being Kind

Midland School students continue to live by the school motto, “Work hard and be nice to people.” Mrs. Quimby, our physical education teacher, is keeping track of the many kind deeds that students have been caught doing around the school. Kindness is contagious as can be seen by the multitude of caught being kind slips that adorn the school hallways each year. Every month, a handful of slips are selected and highlighted in an effort to keep the kindness flowing at Midland.

students holding his award
Lighting Up Midland With Respect

Midland students kicked off New Jersey’s Week of Respect with a laser light show focused on respecting oneself and others. Students learned about ways to show respect in an interactive setting in an assembly sponsored by the school PTA. Once the concepts of how to show respect for self and others were introduced, the gym lights were dimmed and students were treated to an awesome laser light and music display designed to inspire and reinforce those concepts.

students in the gym listening to a presenter
Midland Fourth Graders Become School Leaders During Week of Respect

During this year’s Week of Respect, Midland’s fourth graders took on the role of mentors and teachers as they went to each classroom and presented the story, Hooray for You! The fourth graders focused on the theme of the book which celebrates the quality of “you-ness.” These mentors encouraged the younger students in the school to be proud of the unique qualities that make them who they are. Midland’s fourth graders were so excited to have this opportunity to serve as mentors and lead their school in a positive direction.

students mentoring other students in the classroom
Midland Book of the Month Grant Helps Make the Bumpy Smooth

First grade teachers, along with the school reading specialist and librarian, received a grant to establish a Book of the Month Club. Each month the students read a new and exciting book while focusing on a strategy from the Jennifer Serravallo Reading Strategies text. This month Midland’s third graders helped demonstrate the strategy of making the bumpy smooth. First graders saw firsthand how Readers' Theater can be a great way to practice a text and smooth out their reading. This strategy for developing reading fluency is a great asset for young readers as they develop and grow.

students holding their books in front of the class
Midland Enrichment Students Get Creative With Paper Plates

Fourth grade enrichment students at Midland have been studying the platonic solids as part of their first unit. Using paper plates, they have been constructing models of each of the five polyhedrons. Students were very excited to show off their icosahedron models and tell others about the qualities of this solid that make it special and unique.

female student holding her project
One School, One Book Initiative Has Midland Going Hog Wild

The entire Midland School community celebrated reading by taking part in an initiative called One School, One Book. Students, parents, and teachers all read the same book during the same two-week period. Everyone involved discussed the reading and became very involved in the story and characters. Families were excited to create their own versions of the main character from The Adventures of a South Pole Pig. These pigs have been entered into a best in show contest that has everyone talking about the wonderful character traits of the main character, Flora the pig. Flora reminds all of us of the value of persistence and following our dreams.

various stuffed animal pigs on a table at the school
Midland Students Help Local Animal Shelter

As a part of their Red Ribbon Week activities, students at Midland School focused on positive messages and healthy choices for living. Throughout the week, students were also encouraged to think about ways to help the community around them. Students brought in donations for a local organization that helps animals. Students felt good about making a difference as the donations piled up in the school lobby.

students with donations for the animal shelter